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F-Zero: Well Aged Fun

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F-Zero was made for the Super Nintendo, a console with one of the best controller designs.Unsurprisingly, the way this game interacts with its intended input medium is phenomenal. However, it leaves a lot to be desired if trying to
substitute the SNES controller for just about anything more modern. First, the controls are rather simple: B is the throttle or acceleration (hold this one down to go the big fast), X and Y are brakes, L and R shift the craft’s weight for sharper turns, and A allows you a boost only after the SSS on the bottom of the screen is colored in. The game is very tightly controlled on a controller with a decent Directional Pad, making the game’s speed feel natural and easy to get in the groove of. Unfortunately, halfway through my first session, my personal Super Nintendo controller decided to have a handful of senior moments leading me to have to play the game using a DualShock4. The D-Pad made the whole game noticeably more slippery and harder to play. And to be fair, F-Zero wasn’t intended to be played with anything other than the console for which it was developed, so this is more warning than criticism. One major thing missing from the game is the multiplayer, understandable because of the limitations of the time, but a shame, nonetheless.

Overall, the game is delightful; its intensity and high-pressure style of balancing risk and reward make this game easily of my recent favorites. It has a real quick learning curve just for being able to be picked up. However, it is a game that begs to be mastered in the same way games like Dark Souls do. Since the game is about speed and precision, this mastery seems to take a lot of time and practice. There are three difficulty modes, four vehicles that all handle differently, and three tournaments that get more complicated after each one–leaving a lot to master, and giving F-Zero a shocking amount of replayability. Its flow is excellent despite being an older racing game. Often, these games can be accused of jank or unfair rubber-banding, primarily due to the technical limitations of the time, but F-Zero excels in making each race feel as natural as the console could possibly produce. Because there is always so much going on and so much happening so quickly, computer opponents make mistakes, you constantly make mistakes, and it never feels like it’s out of your control.

Kirby Should Be Harder

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Hello welcome to questioning today I’m gonna talk about like Kirby needs a hard mode so first let’s talk about politics in game Anita sarkeesian once said I’m poopy poopy poopy so basically basically easy modes or just away for Marxists to get away with not even giving work and leisure so like that’s why they argue that elden ring should have an easy clearly but this argument isn’t like that’cause they’ll say things like it doesn’t affect your experience like it’s just a simple thing to add it’s lazy game design to not have it but my argument’s going to be completely different so now list gives the meat meat of the thing so I played the Kirby video game came out couple days ago graphics 3 sucky they look like Nintendo 64 graphics because Nintendo sucks the controls were bad my joy cons don’t have drift yet but they’re gonna have drift so controls are bad there’s only one attack but and the hardest mode why wild mode it’s too easy so now I’m gonna explain what Kirby needs to be hard now I know I know what you’re gonna say curvus creepy people playing the Kirby games listen OK curvy is a curvy ISM sucks I don’t even know what that freaking means OK so the game should be harder because when it’s easy it sucks releasing the game harder you know won’t affect the dumb little baby kiddo kids experience because there is there is an easy mode as forgotten land is too hard for them they can go play nightmare in dreamland on the gameboy bands so like you know Nintendo and and and how laboratory and and Shakira Miyamoto camera other Japanese developers should add a harder mode to curmi ’cause it won’t affect you know other peoples gameplay experience yeah they do it you know the island like you know you know I don’t enjoy the game ’cause it’s not hard enough and I know I I know I could have just like not bought it but like like money is the root of all evil and comraderie comes from the Latin camera which meant the device to take a photograph doesn’t have anything to do with saying but I thought it sounded cool since this is a video I say I have to do something but here’s the definition of hard on the screen and um yeah I just I think they should have the hard mode’cause because you know it’s it’s it’s lazy game design if they don’t the developers are lazy if they don’t make the game harder new row how how how would that be lazy the game around a specific philosophy or designing it specifically 2B you know and easy to play but you know you can still cover end challenges you know like how is that lazy well I’ll tell you why it’s because it doesn’t personally appeal to me and I don’t personally enjoy it even though other people are enjoying it and I have to enjoy everything other people are enjoying the other people who and it’s not just that I have different tastes right like different kinds of games it’s just that you know every piece of art should appeal to me personally a Twitter and a guy so I’m just gonna close out with a cookie clear I just wanna say that pink wallop arms and legs yeah Dyson? No, Kirb no Hoover silver Hoover his name is Hoover right OK so Hoover Hoover and the forgotten country should have a harder mode because if it doesn’t it’s it’s bad game design and one sec someone’s texting me discord don’t worry I’m fart perfect OK so anyways thanks thanks for watching like like comment and subscribe smash that like button smash the bel and I’ll see yioy on the flip side!!!!!

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